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Slender Blend

Keep cravings at bay, with weight loss formulated Whey Slender Blend.



The Slender Blend is your perfect protein based slimming supplement. We recommend to have two meal replacement shakes per day. Have one in the morning for breakfast and again in the evening or after exercise. Consume a healthy, 500 calorie protein based meal with lots of veggies for lunch. Try blending The Slender Blend with fruits and vegetables to make nutritious Slender Smoothies!

Take 40g (4 yellow sc0ops) of Slender Blend with 400ml water or milk per serving 1-2 times a day! Also try blending with some fruits and vegetables to make Slender Smoothies! (Yellow scoop = 10g)

Whey protein concentrate (92%), Raspberry Ketones (1.6%), Green Tea Extract (1.4%), PW Multi-vit/Minerals (1%), Natural flavourings (4%), Sweeteners; Acesulfame K & Sucralose. *flavouring will increase 6% for chocolate varieties

NUTRITIONAL FACTS (Per 40g serving)
Calories: 146 kcal
Protein: 28.7g
Carbohydrates: 2.4g
(Of which 2.4g are naturally occurring sugars)
Fat: 2.2g
Chocolate varieties due to the added cocoa, will lower the protein content by approximately 2%.

1.2kg: 30 servings
2.5kg: 62 servings






Product Description

✔ Nutritious meal replacement 
✔ Aids weight loss and weight management
✔ Enhances body tone
✔ Improves skin, hair & nail health
✔ Stomach friendly

Slender Blend from Protein World features vitamins, extracts and nutrients that provide a feeling of fullness and satiety to curb any hunger cravings. By combining the Slender Blend with essential vitamins and fat-targeting nutrients Protein World has devised a bespoke package for those looking to lose weight fast. Protein is a key component in the make-up of nails and of collagen – the fibrous protein that gives skin its elasticity. As a result Slender Blend helps keep hair and nails healthy and skin looking youthful.







  1. :

    Love the vanilla slender blend, works well on its own or mixed with fruit/veg/natural yoghurt. I’ve been using it as part of a slimming regime with the fat melters. I am losing weight and I’m feeling better in myself. I use it some days as a meal supplement mixed with fruit and yoghurt and/or after my workouts. Would recommend this product and I will continue to use it. Also great value for money. Glad I found you Protein World!

  2. :

    I have tried both the chocolate & vanilla flavour slender blend shakes, Chocolate is nice but the Vanilla is Delicious!
    I’m using the slender blend shakes along side daily exercise & I’m seeing great weight loss results.
    Once I’ve had a shake I can feel full for up to 4-5 hours, overall a brilliant product & great customer service from Protein World.

  3. :

    I ordered the Vanilla Slender Blend protein shake and I absolutely love it. I have been using it now for around a month and much prefer it to any other brand of shake I have tried. Although in my opinion, it is a little pricey for the amount you get (1.2kg) the calorie content and the fact it contains raspberry keytones is something which isn’t comparable and which you just don’t get with other brands.

    I love how fine the powder is, meaning that it mixes easily with water and you don’t need to shake it up too vigorously for a decent drink.

    I’ve been using mine as a post-workout meal replacement, as I work out early in the morning so have it for breakfast. It’s delicious and tastes like the chocolate from a white Magnum, which is right up my street. I’ve been taking raspberry keytone & green coffee bean tablets too and alongside the shakes and working out I have noticed a huge difference.

    I have just ordered the strawberry flavour as I am so excited to try another one!

    Would recommend this product to anyone.

    Rebecca Cottell

  4. :

    Haven’t been using the product for long but feel so much better when I have been using it from how I felt before! I don’t feel no where near as bloated throughout the day! I first tried the chocolate, it was very sweet on its own but when mixed with other ingredients like fruit and oats etc it was much easier to drink. The vanilla is by far my favourite, tastes so nice! I’ve lost weight by using this system but also going gym 5 days a week! As soon as I go one day without this I feel so sluggish!

    Definitely recommend this product! Plus it really clears your skin up as I used to break out a lot and since using protein world my skin is clear! Feel so much more healthy overall. Good product:)

  5. :

    I absolutely love the protein blend. I’ve tried the vanilla and chocolate blends so far and they’re so good. I am losing around 5lbs per week which is brilliant. The blends actually are so good, it doesn’t actually feel like you’re on a diet!!

  6. :

    Since I have been using slender blend I have loads more energy and feel less hungry!

    I love the vanilla as you can add so many things to it (fruit, coffee, nutella!)

    I have lost weight and feel much healthier.

    The only thing I would say is that if you have two shakes a day (4 scoops per shake), it will last you around 2 and a half weeks not 3-4 weeks.

  7. :

    I ordered the chocolate one from the Weight Loss Collection and have to admit I found it a bit too sweet. However, I have now discovered a new recipe which consists of adding water and 2 handfuls of frozen berries… it tastes a lot better!

  8. :

    I ordered the strawberry and was a little apprehensive at first due as I only ever really use USN products. Couldn’t be happier with my choice! Tastes delicious, the powder is really fine so it blends really well with water which makes it so easy to drink. Have been using as meal replacements and after the gym and noticing results already. Speedy delivery too. Very impressed

  9. :

    I have already lost 3 stone on my weight loss journey and needed something to push me to meet my goal weight as I was starting to plateau. I have been using vanilla Slender Blend and fat melter capsules for 2 weeks and have already lost 8lbs and a whole dress size!
    I have been having a shake to replace breakfast and dinner and a 500 calorie or less lunch every day with fresh berries as a snack. I have made the shakes with fresh berries, options moments sachets or frozen fruits to make sure I don’t get bored of the taste! The vanilla flavour is great as it goes with everything!
    I am amazed at the results and even my hair has grown at least an inch in length.
    One thing I would say is I have been using 3 yellow scoops instead of 4 otherwise I find the taste quit over powering.
    I would recommend this product, I never feel hungry and have lots of energy. Delivery was quick and the personalised message received was a lovely touch. Just about to place an order for my 2nd lot!

  10. :

    Order came really quickly after ordering, but disappointed that I didn’t receive a shaker- especially as it was my first order and I am a protein shake virgin! Will have to go out and buy a non- Protein World one and review on taste!

  11. :

    I researched this product alot before ordering and ordered the banana flavour, but didn’t think to look at what people through to the flavour until after I’d ordered and all I could find was reviews on how delicious the Vanilla flavour is so I was a little nervous I’d made the wrong decision…. but far from it!
    The banana flavour really is delicious with water and with milk tastes just like a cheeky milkshake.
    Not only does it taste amazing, the smell is amazing and makes the whole room smell delicious in the small amount of time I add a few scoops into my shaker bottle (which is brilliant too)
    So all in all – banana is a massive YES! And I plan to try all the other flavours too

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