30 day challenge 30 day challenge
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This month's choices are next month's body so take the next step and join us on the 30 day challenge.

Start your transformation to total body confidence with the Protein World 30 day challenge including 12 different workouts to torch fat, tone and achieve the 2017 of your dreams. 

Show up to take on the challenge. The plan contains full body workouts alongside a comprehensive meal planner to get you in gear for reaching your goals. 

We've created the Slender Plan to help you to start slender - stay slender which includes the best products to get you on track to achieving your 2017 body goals! This product collection also includes our BRAND NEW heartwarming gluten-free Slender Porridge, which is under 200 calories, high in hunger controlling fibre & protein and contains less than a gram of sugar per serving.

With added chia & flaxseed and in two delicious flavours vanilla & chocolate you won't find a healthier porridge anywhere else.
Breakfast is served! 

Secure results with the Slender Plan. Our bespoke Slender Plan is ideal for those looking to lose weight, fast. Combining the Slender Blend - our best selling weight loss shake, with essential vitamins and fat-targeting nutrients, alongside our Fat Metaboliser and Hunger Buster capsules we’ve created a programme designed to raise your metabolism, burn fat, encourage the growth of lean, toned muscle and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Body beautiful from the inside out, this 30 day challenge will give you that inner glow and spark to get up, get out and get moving.

Target your body from the inside out. Learn how to fuel your workouts correctly using a combination of nutritious good foods and Protein World supplements to kick start a serious mind and body reset.

Our specialists have devised a unique diet that not only tastes great, but also works to shred fat and keep you energised for the workouts to come.  

Training Tips
Training Tips

Reset your mind and body with a 30 day fat burning workout plan alongside a delicious 7 day menu designed to fit into your everyday life.

The workouts require minimal euipment, making them perfect to perform anywhere and are made up of 30 minute high intensity exercise circuits to blast fat and take the least amount of time out of your day! 

The guide is easy to follow and every exercise is clearly illustrated, making it great for people of all levels of fitness including beginners. It's a beautiful day to sweat! 

Training Tips

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