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Slender Overnight Oats - The hype is real!


So everyone is raving about 'overnight oats' which are perfect if you find yourself rushing out of the door in a morning and need a grab and go breakfast! Try this tasty time saving recipe that you can easily make before bed to create a pudding like porridge to treat your taste buds first thing in the morning!

Slender Overnight oats

PANCAKES... that is all


Who doesn't like pancakes?? Now its even easier to make delicious pancakes in less than 5 minutes with our Slender Pancake ready mix! Low calorie, high protein - there's no need to save pancakes for a weekend treat any longer!

Slender Protein Pancakes

'Avo go' at this tasty Super Greens Smoothie


If you want an instant hit of health that also tastes A-mazing!! then give this Super Greens Slender Smoothie a go. Full of vitamins and minerals, plus high in protein - this is the perfect start to any hectic day and will help to keep you full until lunch!

Slender Super Greens Smoothie
Protein World

Ever wondered why people always bang on about breakfast being the most important meal of the day?

Well... it turns out that they aren't wrong! We have picked out the 6 main reasons why you will never want to rush out of the door without eating breakfast again... ESPECIALLY if you are looking to lose weight!

Never Skip Breakfast Again
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