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30 Day Slender Blend

30 Day Slender Blend

Two Slender Blends, Two Flavours!

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boost your weight loss

Choose your favourite Slender Blend flavour or mix it up and try something new!

High in protein, packing a huge 23g with less than 143 calories per serving. This is the perfect, meal replacement shake.

Low sugar & high in fibre. Used as a meal replacement twice per day in the context of an energy restricted diet, the Slender Blend contributes to weight loss.

Packed with a unique blend of Whey Protein, Green Tea, Guarana Extract & natural flavours for a smooth, indulgent taste.

With added digestive enzymes, pre & probiotics to promote a healthy gut alongside 26 vitamins and minerals to support overall health.

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Hey! We think you're in Mexico
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