30 Day Slender Blend

30 Day Slender Blend

Two Slender Blends

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Two Slender Blends

2x 1.2kg Slender Blends, to take your weight loss journey to the next level.

The Slender Blend contains only the highest quality & most revolutionary ingredients recognised by health professionals worldwide.

Used as a meal replacement twice per day in the context of an energy restricted diet, The Slender Blend contributes to weight loss.

Whey protein from grass fed cows, a thermogenic blend of green tea extract & guarana extract, inulin fibre to help you feel full and a premium multivitamin blend with magnesium, zinc & biotin to contribute to healthy skin, hair & immune system.

Focusing our efforts on digestive health, we have added pre & probiotics, as well as key digestive enzymes to support individuals who have difficulty digesting lactose.

The Slender Blend is the most revolutionary meal replacement on the market & is now more delicious than ever!

Free From Gluten, added Sugar, Artifical Colours & Flavours, Maltodextrin, Aspartame or Acesulfame K.

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#day3 of #proteinworld and I am starting to feel small differences already. Much more energy, happier in myself and more determined than Ive ever been. I will succeed xx

My @proteinworld post workout smoothie

Getting started on this tomorrow! So determined to get in shape, never been so determined ☺️

Slender Coconut Watermelon Cooler

Repost from @claudiaalende - Relaxing after the gym ✨ @proteinworld Relaxando pós academia

#Repost @claudiaalende ・・・ ❤️ hora do slender blend da #proteinworld melhor shake para substituir uma das refeições do dia

So this arrived today!

@proteinworld #protein #proteinshake #proteinworld #proteinpancakes #proteinworldtransformationteam

Nice little healthy pudding after some Ryvitas for dinner! @proteinworld also came today so back on the shakes !

get me skinny #proteinworld

Note to self: When I eat like CRAP I feel like CRAP! #foodiesnbeauties

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