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The complete 4 week weight loss plan. The 4 week Slender Plan adds structure to your weekly routine with products that are quick and easy to make (and taste amazing!)


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The Slender Blend is an easy to use, tasty meal replacement shake for men and women that gives you fast results. Use as a meal replacement, snack or post-workout shake.


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There is a direct link between the food we eat and the way we feel, which is why nutrition is important, not just for our waistline but also our mind. What we eat everyday can impact our mood and help to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Click the link in our bio to get your hands on our top 5 mood boosting smoothie recipes!

Looking for an extra boost to reach your goals? ☀️ Packed with Creatine, Biotin and a Vitamin B complex, our Toner Capsules help to reduce tiredness and fatigue, boost mental performance and maintain skin health, so you can be ready for anything!

Your plan your rules! Customise your 4 week Slender Plan and pick the boosters which are suitable for your goal! Not sure which boosters are right for you? You can contact our team of Nutritional Advisors at advice@proteinworld.com

Monday morning breakfast goals

Start your day with Slender Porridge! Low in sugar, high in protein and high in fibre from chia and flaxseeds, this porridge also contains guarana and green tea extract to boost metabolism and vitamin b6 and B12 to reduce tiredness and fatigue

Giving @proteinworld a bash before my week away in November try and get as much weight of as possible, anyone tried it before?! #proteinworld #shakes #diet #whey

MORNING! Day 4 of my #proteinworld pre holiday diet (plus slimming world meals still), went gym last night

So today has been a full on day, firstly Im celebrating my 1 year anniversary, this time last year I bought my little house that Im slowly turning into my home

Its arrived #slenderblend #weightlosscollection #protienworld

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