The Slender Blend Sachets

The Slender Blend Sachets

When you need it, when you want it!

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When you need it, when you want it!

We know living well is a full time hustle so we have created these On the Go sachets perfect sized for handbag or bag to help you Stay Slender whilst you are out and about!

In 3 different pack sizes:

  1. x1 Sachet - Try Before you Buy!
  2. x4 Sachets - Weekend Away!
  3. x14 Sachets - 7 Day Trial Pack!

Additional Information

Dietary and nutrition

  • Vegetarian Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free Gluten Free
  • Soy Free Soy Free
  • Diabetic Suited Diabetic Suited
  • Kosher Kosher
  • Halal Halal
Nutritional Information & Ingredients

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1 Review(s)
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#day3 of #proteinworld and I am starting to feel small differences already. Much more energy, happier in myself and more determined than Ive ever been. I will succeed xx

My @proteinworld post workout smoothie

Getting started on this tomorrow! So determined to get in shape, never been so determined ☺️

Slender Coconut Watermelon Cooler

Entered the ballot for the 2017 London Marathon... #PositiveDistractions #ThickFit #GirlsWhoLift #SlenderBlend

Day 1, countdown to holiday

Repost from @claudiaalende - Relaxing after the gym ✨ @proteinworld Relaxando pós academia

#Repost @claudiaalende ・・・ ❤️ hora do slender blend da #proteinworld melhor shake para substituir uma das refeições do dia

So this arrived today!

Craving something sweet? Try a strawberry banana smoothie. I make my smoothies with almond milk, @proteinworld banana protein powder, fresh strawberries and a half of banana. Summer is around the corner and we can all be fit!! #proteinworld

@proteinworld #protein #proteinshake #proteinworld #proteinpancakes #proteinworldtransformationteam

Nice little healthy pudding after some Ryvitas for dinner! @proteinworld also came today so back on the shakes !