Real Life Transformations

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Meet our Protein World family who have reached their weight loss goals

Weight loss transformation

Victoria @vic.b1


"I used to feel really uncomfortable and would wear baggy tops to hide my shape. Now I feel so confident and love when people compliment how much my shape has changed"

Weight loss Transformation



"After moving to Dubai I realised that I would be spending a lot more time in a bikini and wanted to feel more comfortable with my body. I used the Slender Blend to help me lose weight and tone and now I feel much more confident!"

Weight loss transformation

Leanne @leawoody666


"I was unhappy and overweight when my friend introduced me to Protein World. I started using the Slender Blend which I LOVE because I'm now more active, feel healthy and happy."

Weight loss transformation



"I'm so picky when it comes to protein, but since trying the Slender Blend I will never use anything else. Now I've lost the weight and made a lifestyle change, I feel great and will never go back!"

Weight loss transformation

Zoe @zoelou_


"I have two little boys and have always found it really hard to get out to the gym, so I do home workouts and follow the Slender Plan which helped me to lose my weight!"

Weight loss Transformation

Yasmin @yazzzersss


The 30 Day Challenge was the best thing I've ever done. So far I have dropped 2 dress sizes in 30 days and plan to keep going! Thank you so much, following this plan has changed my life"

Weight loss Transformation



"At 22 stone and only 20 years old I was so unhappy and struggled to get out of bed in the morning. I have completely changed my life for the better through sheer determination and effort and am passionate about my healthier lifestyle.

Weight loss Transformation



"I feel so much more fit and healthy after using the Fat Metabolisers, CLA and Slender Blend alonmgside exercise to lose some weight and tone up."

Weight loss Transformation

Chloe @chloemoran29


"I was never comfortable with my weight, I was unhappy and used comfort eating to try and feel better. I got to a point where I decided to do something about it and since then, Protein World has changed my life. I'm now the happiest and healthiest I've ever felt."

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